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  • I am now a chick magnet – Wife could not resist – Nov-02-05
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get more. This stuff works! – Oct-08-05
  • The name says it all, use MaxPheromone to hear her moan for more, its great stuff. – Oct-04-05
  • Their name says it all and their products WORK like magic! You’ve got a new customer for life!!! – Aug-22-05
  • This Stuff Works F@#%ING AWESOME!! You Da Man!! A+++ I’ll Be Back!!!! Sorry for delayed FB!! Busy collecting girls numbers from bars, malls, EVERYWHERE! – May-06-05
  • A+ I’m serious this stuff really works! This is my third day using it! THANK YOU – Mar-08-05
  • I got laid on my first time wearing it!! EXCELENT!! – Feb-16-05
  • Did not work on wife but I have 3 girlfriends now. ; ) – Dec-16-04
  • IT GOT HERE AND I GOT SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ROCKS – Oct-02-04
  • Stuff effin works. Thanks alot! Would buy more. +A+ – Sep-12-04

Maximum LEGAL Strength Pheromone Fragrance Additive!

attract hot girls with pheromonesEver wonder why some people seem to attract the opposite sex naturally?

Why are some not so attractive men have sexy, hot babes as their girlfriends or wives?

Why are they so lucky?

What if you can secretly add an unscented additive to the cologne or perfume you are already wearing, to attract someone you have interest in?

What if by wearing this specially mixed cologne or perfume, people become more responsive to you and give you more attention?

No more leaving it to chance or fate! Let science give you the boost you want with your own Secret Weapon!

Now YOU can have similar results with MAXPHEROMONETM

sex pheromones sex pheromones

December 9, 2005 ABC NEWS FLASH:

’20/20′ Puts Love Potions To the Test!

What could MAXPHEROMONETM do for you?

Attract the Opposite Sex

  • Increase the intensity of attraction between men and women.

  • Spice up your marriage or may even save your marriage.

  • Amplifies your physical presence with the natural human scent of attraction.

  • Increase friendship at first contact and decrease the instinctive barriers to trust.

  • Attract people closer and make them more responsive and attentive to you.

Just imagine…less rude and unfriendly people in your daily life…

  • Your co-workers may become more friendly and helpful to you which means less hassles and give you a powerful, confident image that you desire. Your boss may have your full attention and could react to your new positive image.

  • Supervisors and Managers could project the sincere and confident image that your employees will respect. Imagine every delegated task being performed to your specifications.

  • Sales people could increase personal sales because the trust barrier from cold customers may be replaced by a friendly, sincere image. What will that do for your sales?

  • Customer Service Representatives could have less rude customers which means less stress while at work. Waiters and waitresses may project a friendly image to the customers which could lead to increase gratuity.

  • Establish instant rapport with the interviewer at your next job interview. Project that friendly and sincere attitude that employers look for when screening their potential candidates.

  • Get better service where ever you go, while at the store or at government offices. People may become more friendly to you and give you the extra attention that you desire and deserve.

Get The Picture?


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