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FYI, this information can apply to Women as well……

Imagine, all you need to do is put on some love potion and go out in public. All the girls are giving you eye contact and smiles. WOW, can you use that kind of attention? A lot of men will agree, that’s something they have been dreaming of for a long time.

No need to dream any longer. Why? For the last 25+ years, scientists have identified an invisible chemical produced by an organism which emits constantly through the skin, that signals its presence to other members of the same species – of particular importance in sexual behavior. It is the communication channel for animals, insects and humans to attract their mate. It is called Pheromone.

Due to daily routine, such as showering, bathing and applying skin products, most of our natural pheromones are covered up or washed away. Now, scientists have isolated the human pheromone and brought it to the general public in a convenient formula. The cost to produce the PURE CONCENTRATED Synthetic Human Pheromones is approximately US$12,000.00 per gram! Beware – there are many cheap scented pheromone products on the market that contains very little human pheromones. Don’t waste your money because girls can smell the cheap cologne and laugh at you instead.

So, what to look for when shopping for pheromone products? Think about this for a few seconds? If you want to use pheromone to attract girls, do you want anyone know about it? Of course, not. Why? If girls know you are wearing pheromones to get their attention, they will reject you. Why should you have an advantage over anyone?

The Secret is out. Now, you have the ability to use UNSCENTED pheromone products and add it to your regular cologne or after shave, so that no one can detect any change with your regular scent. Imagine, experiment with the right ratio for the mix, so that every time you apply your own cologne and the girls give you more attention. You control the potency… this is your Secret Weapon, your Invisible Love Potion.

Here’s a helpful tip:

Before mixing the entire vial, you may consider testing the results by experimenting different ratios because your body scent is different than someone else’s. Always shake the mixture gently before applying.

For example: 1 part of unscented pheromone product and 2 part of fragrance …….1 drop of unscented pheromone product and 2 drops of fragrance (rubbed together) see the reactions from others. Adjust accordingly just to get that perfect balance customized for you.

DO NOT waste pheromone products by applying to clothing because pheromones must be applied directly to your skin, such as wrists and neck to be effective.

Have the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over the next person. If used correctly, pheromone products may change your life with noticeable results! Remember, pheromones can only help you attract the opposite sex, what you do with the situation is all up to you. Have fun!

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