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  • I am now a chick magnet – Wife could not resist – Nov-02-05
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get more. This stuff works! – Oct-08-05
  • The name says it all, use MaxPheromone to hear her moan for more, its great stuff. – Oct-04-05
  • Their name says it all and their products WORK like magic! You’ve got a new customer for life!!! – Aug-22-05
  • This Stuff Works F@#%ING AWESOME!! You Da Man!! A+++ I’ll Be Back!!!! Sorry for delayed FB!! Busy collecting girls numbers from bars, malls, EVERYWHERE! – May-06-05
  • A+ I’m serious this stuff really works! This is my third day using it! THANK YOU – Mar-08-05
  • I got laid on my first time wearing it!! EXCELENT!! – Feb-16-05
  • Did not work on wife but I have 3 girlfriends now. ; ) – Dec-16-04
  • IT GOT HERE AND I GOT SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ROCKS – Oct-02-04
  • Stuff effin works. Thanks alot! Would buy more. +A+ – Sep-12-04

Made in the USAMAXPHEROMONETM is a potent concentrate of synthetic human pheromones that has been designed for maximum, long lasting sexual attraction of the opposite sex. The formula is unscented so that you can discreetly add it to your favorite cologne or after-shave. MAXPHEROMONETM is powerful; up to a thousand times more powerful than normal pheromone secretion. Both sexes find the seductive lure of MAXPHEROMONETM both irresistible and intoxicating.

Scientists have isolated the human pheromone and brought it to the general public in a convenient formula. The cost to produce the PURE CONCENTRATED Synthetic Human Pheromones is approximately US$12,000.00 per gram! How much pheromones do you think is in a bottle of cheap $9.95 or $19.95 SCENTED product? Don’t kid yourself and don’t waste your money on those cheap products. Remember this: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! With pheromones, the more EXPENSIVE products will give you the BEST results. MAXPHEROMONETM contains the STRONGEST LEGAL STRENGTH allowed on the market today.

Made in the USAMAXPHEROMONETM is manufactured and created in one of the world’s largest, state-of-the-art pharmaceutical labs in full compliance with all FDA regulations, and has been meticulously developed by an experienced and dedicated team of Ph.D. biochemists using only the purest, safest, and most effective ingredients. Although the complete formula is a carefully guarded trade secret, MAXPHEROMONETM core begins with the strongest and purest human pheromones available at any price. MAXPHEROMONETM is proudly made in the USA. - Up to 80% off perfume and cologne
Now, you can wear your favorite cologne, after shave or any fragrance of your choice mixed with MAXPHEROMONETM and no one will suspect a thing…but they will notice you more. If you are looking for RESULTS, THIS IS THE PRODUCT! ATTENTION: Click HERE! for – Get up to 80% off BRAND NAME perfume and cologne!!! WOW!!!

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