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  • I am now a chick magnet – Wife could not resist – Nov-02-05
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to get more. This stuff works! – Oct-08-05
  • The name says it all, use MaxPheromone to hear her moan for more, its great stuff. – Oct-04-05
  • Their name says it all and their products WORK like magic! You’ve got a new customer for life!!! – Aug-22-05
  • This Stuff Works F@#%ING AWESOME!! You Da Man!! A+++ I’ll Be Back!!!! Sorry for delayed FB!! Busy collecting girls numbers from bars, malls, EVERYWHERE! – May-06-05
  • A+ I’m serious this stuff really works! This is my third day using it! THANK YOU – Mar-08-05
  • I got laid on my first time wearing it!! EXCELENT!! – Feb-16-05
  • Did not work on wife but I have 3 girlfriends now. ; ) – Dec-16-04
  • IT GOT HERE AND I GOT SOME !!!!!!!!!!!!! IT ROCKS – Oct-02-04
  • Stuff effin works. Thanks alot! Would buy more. +A+ – Sep-12-04

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Just wanted to let you know that out of all the pheromone products I have purchased, yours is the best. My husband is very attentive when I wear it and he now refuses to leave me alone!!! Not only is my hubby possesive, but I have been frequenting the post office and the clerk started flirting with me! I went out with my sister who is younger and way prettier than I, and men flirt with me like she is invisible. It`s like confidence in a bottle. I love it! Thanks!

– E.L., PA

Just got your product, and I put a little bit on my neck. First thing came out of this lady’s mouth downstairs was the word ‘penis’! WOW! I’am going to definately buy more. Thanks so much! YOU’RE TERRIFIC! YOU NOW HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

– F.A., NY

My coworkers are trying to date me now.

– B.W., WI

Just got your product, and I put a little bit on my neck. First thing came out of this lady’s mouth downstairs was the word ‘penis’! WOW! I’am going to definately buy more. Thanks so much! YOU’RE TERRIFIC! YOU NOW HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!

– F.A., NY

I don’t even have to change the fragrance that I love wearing. Please send me 2 more bottles so that I can rotate my fragrances. Thank you.

– Cori, Toronto, Canada


– The Vette Man

On my last trip to Cancun I wore the MaxPheromones every night and had women literally dropping in my lap. Example: I was on the bus one night headed out for the night, plenty of seats open. A little hottie out of a group of sorority girls boards the bus and heads right for the seat next to me. My friends and I ended up hanging with that group on and off for four days. A Mexican girl who spoke little English stopped me on the street and wanted a kiss, another one 5 days later did the same thing in a bar. My previous two years in Cancun were complete strike outs. Just got back from the French Quarter over the weekend where I had a female bartender pass me her email address after shutting down every other guy at the bar-in front of my wife! Granted, I’m no slob and I take pride in being in shape and well dressed, but I’ve never had this much attention from women in my life (it’s hard being married). Hope this helps, there are tons more examples I’ve noticed. (I don’t mind you using my intials and examples, just please withold my name or I may never get to see another Spring Break without my wife again).

– Bob, LA

I mixed the MaxPheromone additive with my favorite perfume and sprayed it around my apartment before my platonic friend came over. He got so friendly with me and showed more interest in me than ever before. Thanks!

– Judy S., Seattle, WA

Thanks for the friendly, fast service. I am overcoming my shyness with women making the approach.

– Alfred L., LA, CA

When I ordered this product I was of course skeptical, but I had an open mind & followed instructions to the letter!! I took some time and researched this product carefully to see if indeed it had the capability of working. Without a doubt!! When applied properly as per directions, I found that woman seemed way more attentive to me. I didn’t research it with male interaction in mind, who cares!! In my first week of using MaxPheromone, I developed new relationships with 3 different women, effortlessly I might add. In addition, there has been this one particular woman who I just have to have, though it seems like the impossible, I don’t know for sure, but I think she might be married, anyways. Two different women have informed me that she has been looking me up & down and that the reason she’s always dressed up and looking top notch is on my account!! I believe it, I can sense it. Note: I’ve never even spoken a word to this lady previously. Mind you, I will be stepping up to the plate this week. MaxPheromone will not have woman jumping into bed with you, but it is my belief, that it gets their mind working as well as their gears turning. MaxPheromone will give you the confidence to be more outgoing & sociable, and indeed more successful with the opposite sex. The only thing I need find out is where you can buy a larger quantity of this fine product. Thanks very much MaxPheromone, this stuff is life changing. I’ve let a buddy try it out, and he is amazed as well.

– C.S., Toronto, Canada

Some powerful stuff! I’m 35 years old and I now have 22 – 25 year old girls flirting with me at bars. Thank you God!

– T.C., Canada


– Bryan J., TX

I mix the MaxPheromone additive with my cologne and wear it to court when I appear for my clients. The other attorneys (especially the women) get so friendly with me, that my client usually ends up with what he wants. It helps me to tip the scales in my favor!

– L.A. Litigator

Definate reactions from my Husband! Highly recommneded!

– Amy B., CA

You are a miracle worker! I got your Feng Shui pheromone cologne right before going on a date and a girl that I’ve known for 8 months is seriously coming on to me. Thanks…it got here fast! If only it could get here tomorrow. 🙂

– Chris, NY

Wonderful!!! I secretly put some of my MaxPheromone fragrance additive For Men in my girlfriend’s perfume, and the guys she works with stopped hitting on her – my worries are over!

– Jason O., FL

The pheromone helped me aced my interview and got me the new job. The lady and I established rapport immediately. Thank you.

– Scott, OH

I bought the first bottle of MaxPheromone to go to a martini party hosted by my ex-girlfriend. I knew all her girlfriends were going to be there and the results were amazing. I got so many telephone numbers and they all “loved” me. After this party my Ex begged me to get back together…I was really happy that it really works!!!! By the way I did not get back with her…What I can truly say about your product is that MaxPheromone really works. It changes the way that things usually are. Everything is much easier when you start using it and you will never get a ‘no thanks’ in your life again. Do not think that this product is only for losers because it is not. Many successful people use it everyday people in sales, business, and public relations. And as I said before it works!!!! Just dare youself to feel free and happy. Get your cell ringing everyday with the voices of the people who like you because you deserve it. I did dare myself and I am very happy with the results….As my personal recommendation try it out and you will notice the difference. Remember you are not meant to be alone. You are really valuable and there are
1000′s of people who want to meet you…..and MaxPheromone is the key!

– Lenny, Toronto, Canada

What can I say? Girls girls girls, I can’t believe this stuff is legal.

– Eric B., NJ

After our second child, my wife was not giving me the attention I wanted. Now, I even go home for lunch!!!

– Robert W., NY

I got it in last week and I mixed it up that night and tried it right away the next day. The funny thing is, I bought it in order to attract one specific girl where I work… Almost all of the compliments I have received have been from married women, so, I haven’t gotten laid using it yet, but thats cool; I’m in no hurry. Using this stuff has caused my self confidence to surge; in fact, in my review at work today, my (female) boss wrote a nice long paragraph on how she has noticed that. I spent so long talking to all the girls at work today that I barely got any work done. LOL. One of these days, I’ll try it out at the club; problem is, all the clubs around here are lame. Good luck to you!

– D.O., CA

What can I say…amazing product…girls used to think I was a nerd or geek, now it’s a whole different ball game.

– Jordan T., SC

My most recent use of the FengShui pheromone cologne is to tame my boy friends wild [2] year old. Everyone CAN NOT believe how nice, sweet and well behaved the lil [2] yr old is with me!! It’s been a path clearer and basically works! No gimmick – no bull – It works. As I was driving in to daycare, my mind was reeling with ???? What do I do if this company goes out of business? Then I thought naahhhh they always come out with some thing bigger and better so it will be fine. Wheph… Thank God!! Now I’m looking to try the others to see what effect will come of these.

– K.C., CT

It’s a human magnet!

– Ty, Denver

I just had to let you know that I have bought every single type of pheromone on the internet and MaxPheromone is the BEST! I love that I am able to mix it with my perfume and it actually makes them smell better. I was wondering if you could offer discount prices if I buy 2 or more on a regular basis? Thanks,

– ~Sara~, CA

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